Comforts Begins with Us

Our mark in Indonesia’s FnB industry began in 2016, when we started our very first outlet, YellowFin Jakarta. Located at a decent corner in Senopati area, YellowFin marks its presence as one of the most well-known places that contribute to Jakarta’s nightlife scenery. As a pioneer of fusion Japanese cuisine, it began to attract diverse customers from A to A+ class, and became the melting pot where professionals, expats, youngsters unwind after a whole day at work.

As the four outlets grow bigger, YF Inc then birthed to play the role of an umbrella company that holds and sustains all four chains of restaurants while enabling them to grow significantly and stand out in the market. The name derives from our first outlet YellowFin (YF), while Inc (incorporated) was handpicked by the Founders to represent the nature of this entity, which is Inclusive.

Corporate Values

YF Inc believes in the power of inclusivity and mutual collaboration to achieve success in the midst of today’s competition.

Despite the inclusivity and being a pioneer in fusion foods in the beginning of its journey, YF Inc commits not to lose the authenticity of every cuisine being served in every outlet.

YF Inc aims to be a trustworthy partner for every restaurant joining the group and work together to provide trust and transparency for the customers, both in the quality of foods and ingredients involved.

YF Inc is the home for every cuisine wanderer and food explorer from around the world that provides comfort mainly in the form of taste, and generally in the form of warm ambience in each outlet.

Regardless of the premiumization touch provided and catered by each outlet, YF Inc actually provides a more approachable and affordable price range that is worth every bite.


1Our Vision
Becoming a pioneer in bringing authentic comfort foods, particularly from Japan, which wonderfully mixed with modern touch combined, served with warm smiles and cozy ambience, yet without compromising its authentic values.
2Our Mision
Growing and enabling every restaurant under YF Inc to provide the comforting home for many cuisines explorers and the melting pots for many food enthusiasts.